How Social Llama Works

Here are Social Llama, we provide only the highest quality of Social Signals. But what are they exactly?

Social signals are Facebook Shares, tweets, +1s, etc from various social media network sites that create a connection between a user and the website, which is exactly what search engines are looking for in 2020.

How Social Llama Works

Social Llama offers only the highest quality of white hat Facebook Shares, Twitter Tweets and Retweets, and Google Plus 1 Shares from real hand build social media users. Save time and money, let us do the work in the most real and natural way possible, while leaving you to just watch your site grow in traffic.

Why choose Social Llama?

Three words: Experience, Passion and Trust. From being in the SEO game for many years now, our entire team at Social Llama has focused on search engine optimization. As we are ridiculously passionate about SEO and about boosting our clients ranking and response, you can trust that our services work. We use social signal on our own sites and we have boosted many customers sites ranking and response using Social Llama. We’ve tested the number of social shares, the drip feed amount, the descriptions and the hashtags, and have built all of this into the site to offer the same opportunity to you.

Is Social Llama Safe?

Absolutely. We use only the best aged social media that will share your links in a natural, white hat fashion and will not set off red flags with Google. Our Social Signals are also irregularly drip fed throughout each month to look as natural as possible. The methods used have been proven to work and rank sites naturally, without getting penalized.

So What are Social Signals?

Social Signals are Facebook Shares, Tweets and Google+1’s from various social media network sites that create a connection between the user and the website; which is exactly what search engines are looking for in 2020.

How many sites can I add?

We currently offer plans with 1 to 12 URLs, but we can give you a custom quote for however many URLs you need. You change them out once a month, and the number of URLs and signals increase as you go to larger programs; up to twenty URLs on our largest program. You simply specify how you want the signal split for each URL when setting up your URLs in our signal portal. So for example, if you would like 50% of the signals sent to the landing page and 30% to your YouTube page, and 20% to your Facebook page, you simply specify the split when adding URLs.

Are My Social Signals Created by a Real Person?

Yes, all of our Social Signals are created by hand by a real SEO who knows exactly what they are doing. Your site will never receive fake or robot created signals from our service. You have the Llamas word!

Do you offer reports?

Yes, we do. Our automated signal portal captures signal count data at the beginning of your order and then every three days, and we graph that data. You can check those readings on the reporting page for each URL, whenever you like.

How do I change my URLs to send signals to?

Our minimum order is for 30 days between changes. Remember, we DRIP FEED our signals so it takes time to build. If your order renews each month, you can change anything on your program or renew signals to the same URLs. If you accidentally mis-enter a URL, description or hashtag, you can contact our customer service department and they will make a correction for you.

How do I get more than 2500 Social Signals a month?

Wow! You must need a lot of signals! Just contact one of our Llamas in through our support chat and they will be happy to provide you with a custom quote.

Can I change plans or cancel anytime?

If you would like to change plans or cancel, you may do so at any time. Please note that if you cancel prior to 30 day from your order, you will not be credited for any unused signals in that time.

How can Social Signals help my website?

Social Signals help in two ways. First, they can be used to promote a special offer or product and drive web traffic to that specific URL. Second, as social shares are an important ranking factor, it is essential that your site has an ongoing flow of natural social signals in order to rank higher in search engines. Still not convinced? See our Social Llama Testimonials here.

Whats up with the name?

The name was spurred on by the negativity surrounding the SEO community late in September of 2014 when PBNs (Personal Blog Networks) were getting de-indexed right and left. It started as just a funny name, but we’ve taken it on as a sort of mascot. Llamas are nimble, strong, indispensable beasts of burden to the native Andean people in rural South America. They carry the load just like we do. And it’s kind of catchy, isn’t it?
We even donate a portion of our profits to a charity that helps the under-privileged in South America. Check it out at

Can I Create Social Signals Myself?

Yes, of course you can…if you want to spend all of your time learning and figuring out the methods we use, and then countless more hours inputting all your information into social media accounts. We take the worry and the hassle that is associated with social signal building and carry the load for you. Let our team of experts that know all the latest techniques worry about this for you. Your sites are safe with the Llama.

Can I Use Spintax In My Descriptions?

Absolutely! We encourage it. As to not look un-natural to search engines, we have implemented a feature where you can submit your spun descriptions instead of submitting the same on and having duplicates all over the web. Spinning helps descriptions because search engines see spun descriptions as something new and not duplicated, rendering it more relevant and improving your overall rank.

EXAMPLE: Here is a {new|original|brand new|unique|special} piece of {info|information|factiod} that you and your {friends|buddies|associates|colleagues|family} can {use|add|include} in the Spin-formatted {description|definition|summary} of your {business|company|website|site}.

If you’re unsure, or you’ve never used Spintax before, you can test out your copy at

What Sites Are Suitable For Social Shares?

ANY site can gain a boost from using Social Signals. This includes home pages, special offers, PBNs, Articles, YouTube Videos, LinkedIn Company Pages, Facebook pages. Whatever link you want to rank, Social Llama can help.

I’m An Affiliate, Can I Promote Your Service?

Yes, we welcome all affiliates. All affiliates are paid 10% of each sale reoccurring. So if you sell the top $197 package, you will receive nearly $20 every month!