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Social Llama can Help Your Business Comeback

Coronavirus’ deadly grip has taken the lives and loved ones of millions of Americans.   This grim reaper has also taken their livelihood and in many cases, everything else they had left them in total destitution.

However, things are not lost and the USA will survive and come out strong out of this pandemic.  As people we have gone through terrible times and have even helped our fellow men in other countries deal with things that still give us nightmares.

Social Llama is one of the many tools you can count on to help your business back from the quarantine with social signaling.


The Best Social Signal Provider

Wait… what’s that?

Social signals are Facebook Shares, tweets and +1s from various social media network sites that create a connection between a user and the website, which is exactly what search engines are looking for in 2020.

Here at we are passionate about SEO and want to provide the community with only the highest quality of white hat, manually created, drip fed social signals from aged accounts proven to increase your SEO rankings as well as visitor trust.

As social shares are becoming more of a ranking factor, it is essential that your site has the right amount of natural social signals to rank the highest in search engines possible.

Social Signals are live and well in 2020.

This year has been quite hectic for many of us.  Businesses and families have been destroyed with acts of nature and acts of men.  Yet in the middle of the chaos, one thing remains constant:  We need to move forward.

Moving forward we pay homage to those who have been left behind.  Moving forward we can build a new world, stronger, safer, greener for our children and our children’s children.  Moving forward we can begin to recover and see the light of hope shine bright in our eyes.

Ranking our businesses has morphed through the years.  From the use of https’ to portability (that your website is cellular and tablet friendly) were the characteristics that you were looking for in a high ranking website and business.

Today, with over a billion online businesses and thousands of influencers and opinion leaders all over the world, ranking a website by its own means is a lot harder.  Google’s algorithms certainly do not make things easier; despite it all, social llama not only promises to make things easier, it delivers.

Through human-made social signaling, you can ensure that your website will have the traffic it needs to rank up above the competition.

… And now a message from our founder, Todd Bryson, Founder of Local Site Submit

Over 11 months ago now, when buying PBN links was all the rage, the whole PBN de-inxeding fiasco started happening, I started obsessively searching for for other ways to rank a site other than using backlinks.

After analysing many sites on the first and second pages of Google on a range of competitive keywords, I spotted something very interesting.

Sites that had moved onto the first page had a significant increase in Social Signals each day.

This got me thinking!

I tested the living hell out of social signals with my own sites plus my clients sites to see exactly what would happen if I shared their information manually through my own Social Media Accounts.


Here’s why…

1. I didn’t have the time or man power to manually create each individual share myself

2. Posting from my own accounts left a BIG footprint

3. My friends got annoyed with their feeds being clogged with my sharing!

So I went back to square one…

I started to test out Signals provided by scripts and bots as well as Fiverr gigs, but they all were sharing my valuable websites from spam accounts, churned out by robots. This did nothing for my rankings!

So I employed a few of my friends to create and build up some authoritative accounts that weren’t spammy and stared to share the website information through them, each day.

This way, I could control everything myself and have my Signals drip-fed over each day to look as natural as possible to Google. THIS is when I started to see results. But, we needed more power!

This Secret Weapon Helped Me
SHUNT My Clients Sites Up The Ranks

We now have 8 employees, 4000+ Facebook, Twitter and Google+ Social Media accounts all sharing the valuable information in a way that builds authority to the sites we share.

Social Llama has been open to a select group of 200 individuals that tested the living hell out of it, it is now ready for YOU to get your hands on it.

All your data is encrypted and kept completely private leaving with with peace of mind at all times.

What if you had access to this Social Signal powerhouse for your URLs and keywords wrapped up in a simple, push button system?

Now you do!

Social Llama Custom Social Signals Package


Social Llama is a service that at a push of a button, builds Google authority and ranks your site for you.

1. Access to over 4,000 Social Media Accounts and Growing

2. Push button Simple, just enter URL and description

3. Spintax enabled – Gain a unique description for each share

4. Google safe and fully private

5. Completely manually submitted by our team, no bots, scripts or spammy Fiverr gigs!

6. Fully automated signal portal to manage your URLs and view reporting on progress

Drip Feed Social Signals Service

Our Social Signals are 100% naturally drip fed so they are completely organic to gain the best ranking results possible. As SEO has quickly evolved and Social Media is becoming ever more popular, Social Signals are becoming the key to enhanced Search Engine Optimization.

You cannot afford not to have Social Shares for your website as without them, compared to your competitors, you will be lowering your conversion rates and in a term, greatly reducing your income.

If your site is stuck on the second page or you just need to gain a few extra spots to get the all-important no.1 position, Social Llama can help. The service we provide is proven to boost your rankings within Search Engines.

White Hat Manual Social Signals Service

The system that we have in place at Social Llama, has been proven over and over to boost ranks which is why we have refined our system to be done 100% by hand by real SEO and Social Media experts, but using our newly developed social signal platform to automate your order and provide reporting.

Once you confirm and submit your order you’ll have access to a report page for each URL, listing all of the activity on your domain and with Fast, Easy Set-Up in less than a few minutes, you’ll have your campaign up and running. This means faster results, quicker ranking, and a much bigger smile on your face!

Because our signal portal is used directly by our real human posters, your order will start being worked on right away!

Campaigns Set Up In Minutes
Our fully automated  signal portal allows you to create and set up the perfect campaigns within minutes, all by yourself. Our real human posters also use our signal portal to ensure quality of service for your order and to complete your campaign.

Manually Submitted Signals
All our Social signals are manually submitted by real people, from all around the World for extra diversity. No bots or scripts here!

Alter Campaigns Every 30 Days
The customer portal is optimized for speed and ease of use. Change up URLs, descriptions, hashtags and percentage splits every 30 days when your order renews or you buy another package.

Spintax Enabled
Unique content is critical when ranking, so to get a unique description every time, spintax can be used with Social Llama in the description fields.

Not Just Money Sites
Social Llama has also been used to rank YouTube videos, PBNs, Web 2.0s etc. As Google owns YouTube, they thank you highly for being popular on their social network.

Monitor Activity
We’ve developed a new social signal platform that is your one-stop solution to submitting, managing, and tracking your progress over your 30 day campaign. We take automated social signal counts on each URL, every 3 days, and they’re graphed on each reporting page to trend your campaign.

What Do The Industry Experts Have to Say?

Neil Patel

Whether you love or hate social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, you have no choice but to use them. Social sites, especially Google Plus, impact your search engine rankings.

Neil PatelOnline Marketer at Quick Sprout
Jayson DeMers

Brands that have embraced social media not only enjoy the ranking benefits due to the impact of social signals, but also increased conversion rates, brand loyalty, and word-of-mouth referrals.

Jayson DeMersMoz SEO
Search Metrics

Well positioned URLs have a high number of likes, shares, tweets and plus ones and specific URLs stand out in the top search results with a very high mass of social signals.

Search MetricsSearch Metrics Ranking Findings

Alex Becker, from Source Wave, recommends using Social Llama in his latest Source Phoenix SEO Training.

What About Our Current Customers?

Mike & Donna

We just adore the name Social Llama!! Plus the ranking we gained within Google was just unbelieveable. We couldn’t crack this one competitor, no matter how many PBNs we built and wasted money on. But after 3 weeks of social signals, we did it! We don’t know what you are feeding theme Llamas, but we want in!

Mike & DonnaOnline Marketers
Noah Thorpe

I had a great service from Social Llama in the past month and have seen a bump in rankings. My site got hit with the latest Panda 4.1 update for a bit of thin content but using social signals pulled my site back and made my client happy again. Great prices for such a hidden gem!

Noah ThorpeClient Based SEO
Hannah Barrett

I was skeptical at first to use this service but when I heard a friend saw good results using social media signals, I had to give them a go. Since I just don’t have the time to be on social media sites 24/7 I had to find an alternative. Very impressed with the support (lady called Tina, made me chuckle!) and the authority the signals have built up to my site. My test site jumped up 48 places to 7th on Google within 3 weeks. I kept my subscription running and didn’t look back.

Hannah BarrettSEO

Saw almost immediate results early into the first month of the campaign. Very impressed.

DougAffiliate Marketer
Alex Gosse

I had always been a backlink kind of guy but after reading more and more about the improvements other SEOs were having with social signals I gave in and had a go. It took me a long time just to get 3 or 4 proper signals and after a few hours I gave up. Had a friend suggest this site and it has saved me so much time, definitely recommend it to anyone in the SEO game.

Alex GosseLawyer Firm SEO
  • Starter
  • $57
    per month
  • 600
    Social Signals Every Month
  • 14 – 18 Social Signals Per Day
  • Up To 4 URLs
  • Naturally Drip Fed
  • Real Sharing Accounts (no bots)
  • GooglePlus +1s & Shares
  • Facebook Shares & Comments
  • Twitter Tweets & Retweets
  • Pro
  • $97
    per month
  • 1100
    Social Signals Every Month
  • 28 – 38 Social Signals Per Day
  • Up To 7 URLs
  • Naturally Drip Fed
  • Real Sharing Accounts (no bots)
  • GooglePlus +1s & Shares
  • Facebook Shares & Comments
  • Twitter Tweets & Retweets
  • Agency
  • $197
    per month
  • 2500
    Social Signals Every Month
  • 76 – 86 Social Signals Per Day
  • Up To 12 URLs
  • Naturally Drip Fed
  • Real Sharing Accounts (no bots)
  • GooglePlus +1s & Shares
  • Facebook Shares & Comments
  • Twitter Tweets &

Need a tailored Social Signals package? Click on our support chat below and tell us about your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Social Llama Safe?

A. Absolutely. We use only the best aged social media that will share your links in a natural, white hat fashion and will not set red flags off within Google. Our Social Signals are also irregularly drip fed through each month as to look as natural as possible. The methods used has been proven to work and rank sites naturally, without getting penalised.

Q. What Are Social Signals?
A. When you share a website on one of the 3 top Social Media sites, Facebook, Google+ or Twitter, that URL gains a Social Signal “count” which is unique to each URL. The more you have and the velocity makes a difference in rankings and is exactly what search engines are looking for in 2020.

Q. Are my Social Signals created by hand?
A. Yes, all of our Social Signals are created by hand by our team of Social Media specialists who are highly trained in this field and know exactly what they are doing. Your site will never receive fake or robot created signals from our service. You have the Llamas word!

Q. Can I alter my campaigns?
A. Once you’ve completely submitted your order in our signal portal, they cannot be altered for the next 30 day cycle. You can update or change them after the 30 day cycle, or purchase another signal package to suit your needs.  If you make a mistake you can always contact us through our support chat.