Customer URL Issues

Over the past few weeks, we have been experiencing issues with some customers not getting the amount of Social Signals purchased.

We have extensively look into this and found that it is in fact an issue with some customers websites whereby they are blocking social media sites from pulling in the correct information and adding a count to the Social Signal Count. When checked in the Social Signal Checker, less or sometimes 0 signals appear for some accounts. We have found that this is because of the following.

To test this out, we use a tool to check if the site can be shared on the top social media sites and the majority of the sites submitted to us work, but some pull up a 403 error. 

This means that when your site is shared on Social Media sites, the social signal count does not increase as the site is blocking this count from increasing while not displaying the correct information needed. 

A 403 error is either the permissions of your site are set to access forbidden and/or your set has an incorrect configuration of the .htacess file.

Use iFramely, to check your own sites and inner pages.


vs, Social Llama site:


If they appear like this, with the 403 error, this is the issue.



If they appear like this, displaying the correct information below, your site should be fine.



We have also found that when your URL was entered into the Facebook Open Graph Object Debugger, Facebook could not pick up on the correct information. Therefore, each time the site was shared, only a small amount of information could be inputted. Once the Fetch New Scrape Information button was pressed, Facebook could then re-crawl and pull in the correct data.

Enter a URL in here:

Then click Fetch New Scrape Information to see.



This is how it should look, so Facebook can pick up on the correct information.


We highly recommend showing these details to your hosting company to see if they can re-configure your server correctly so that when you enter your URL into the iFramely checker, it brings up no errors.

I have confirmed with my employees that the appropriate number of signals have been posted, but because of this error, the signal checkers do not display the data, as the site is forbidding social media signals from being added and counted.

You can also find out a bit more information about permissions and htaccess files here at HostGator.


I hope this helps and please let me know what your hosting company comes back with.

Kind regards,
Tina & Tom

Head Support & CEO

*Please note, websites are blurred for customers protection.